Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Cleaning Contest 30/06/14

WG Nürnberg organises a cleaning contest for all the WGs. Our team will come to judge on the 30th of June and determine who the winners are. The eight best cleaned WGs will each receive a whole crate of beer!
Not any beer, its a special Zwickl Beer from a small brewery, called Nikl Bräu, located in Pretzfeld near Nuremberg.
Das “Nikl-Zwickl” ist unser helles Lagerbier.Es ist naturbelassen und unfiltriert.Dieses Lagerbier ist leicht gehopft und vollmundigim Geschmack.Das Lagerbier (5,2% alc.) wird ganzjährig gebraut."
Every WG participates. We will of course not check your rooms, only the kitchen, corridor, bathrooms and terrace if you have one. If everyone cleans well, we will organise these contests more often!
Good luck!

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